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By viewing our downloadable brochures you will have direct access to Keiding’s contact information, can learn more about our design and manufacturing process, and explore the benefits of using custom-made heavy-wall molded fiber / molded pulp protective packaging. Keiding’s brochure includes illustrations of different product applications including end caps and trays, and demonstrates how molded fiber parts will nest and stack on both your and your customer’s floor and warehouse. Perhaps you are in the process of making a case internally or with a customer deciding which packaging material is best suited for a particular product or application. Our downloadable brochures are at the ready and can help facilitate and guide your conversation with key decision makers. The information found in our downloadable brochures supports the fact that molded pulp is an efficient, environmentally friendly means of protecting your products while contributing to your organization’s overall financial and sustainability goals.

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Keiding Brochure