Molded fiber warehouse with forklift driver moving molded pulp packaging finished goods.

Versatile. Formable. Sustainable.

Molded fiber packaging is today’s solution for superior product protection, and Keiding is the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality molded fiber packaging products. Whether you’re looking to package and protect a product as delicate and light as an egg, or robust and heavy as a 20hp motor, molded pulp is a versatile material that continues to experience tremendous opportunity and growth. While similarities exist among manufacturers of molded fiber packaging, unique characteristics with the molding process and the final product help to differentiate manufacturers of molded pulp and their products from one another. This section will help you determine which type of pulp is most applicable to your unique product and application. We’ll introduce you to the manufacturing process, the four types of molded fiber and the role sustainability plays in both the process and product.