Undeniably strong.

There are many molded fiber products and applications for which Keiding Type 1 Heavy-Wall Molded Pulp is favored. Our ability to package and protect goods large/small, heavy/light, deep/shallow distinguishes us from other molded pulp manufacturers. Beginning with the development process Keiding will work with you to design and implement a successful protective packaging, molded pulp solution. Whether you’re in need of a container, endcaps, top/bottom trays or edge/side protection, Keiding will design and manufacture to your specific needs and requirements.

Molded fiber products, and applications utilizing molded fiber can be found in nearly every industry around the globe, from consumer products and food & beverage to manufacturing, recreation and agriculture. The two primary raw materials required to make packaging from molded fibers – recycled paper and water – are plentiful, accessible, inexpensive and universal. Additionally the properties of pulp are such that it can be molded into an infinite number of unique and complex shapes and configurations, making molded fiber products a preferred choice for packaging, engineering, logistics, procurement, marketing and sales professionals alike.

Molded fiber applications for Type-1 Heavy-Wall Molded Pulp include, but are not limited to:

  • appliances
  • automotive parts & accessories
  • batteries
  • compressors
  • furniture
  • hand & power tools
  • hardware
  • industrial items
  • lighting fixtures
  • motors
  • plumbing components
  • pumps
  • recreational products