Everyday, every way - a paper perfect solution.

Terra-Mat™ is a unique and natural eco-friendly product created for everyday use and easy living. It is a simple, inexpensive boot tray but its versatility and durability make it much more. Terra-Mat is also an ideal product for many household projects, working hard to protect and keep spaces clean and organized so you don’t have to.

Terra-Mat is a molded fiber paper tray, made from the same material most commonly identified with egg packaging and fast-food drink trays. Manufactured from recycled papers it is highly resistant to water and many other liquids. Multi-purpose Terra-Mat protects floors beautifully from moisture, snow, salt, dirt, mud, rocks, oil, paint, spills, scratches, and more. When you’re ready to replace an existing tray with a new tray no worries, Terra-Mat is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

If you’re looking for a sustainable surface protection mat capable of protecting both your floors and the environment, Terra-Mat is the right choice for your home and project.