The natural choice for your home and projects.

Terra-Mat™ provides multi-purpose protection and organization in and around your home, office and vehicles. Applications for Terra-Mat are limited only by your imagination.

Where to use versatile, durable Terra-Mat

  • entryways, breezeways, mudrooms, porches & coat closets
  • garages, sheds & barns
  • cars, campers & tents

How to use

  • prevent stains, damage and mess resulting from accumulated, dripping or spilled water, salt, mud, paint, stain, grease, chemicals
  • provide safe, trouble and worry-free transport within your vehicle of plants, containers, tools, liquids, dirty/wet footwear
  • eliminate shoe & boot clutter
  • place under litter boxes, pet dishes, plants, firewood, wet or muddy shovels, dripping snow throwers, oil leaking lawn mowers and cars
  • Terra-Mat can be used in any space you want to protect, organize, maintain dryness, and keep free of dirt and clutter
  • Terra-Mat paper tray is recycled and recyclable, which which is good for you and the environment